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Do you have a Hormonal Imbalance?

Do you realise that over 75 percent of women maybe suffering from hormonal imbalance symptoms?

Are you one of them?

This is a surprisingly high percentage of women who are having their health and lifestyles affected unnecessarily. And these hormone imbalances can affect women of all ages, from puberty right through to menopause. So based on this number, more women now have hormonal imbalances than don’t.

In fact, it has now become so common that it’s considered to be a normal part of living, whether it be your monthly hormonal cycles or the symptoms of Perimenopause, and then followed by Menopause.

So, what are some of the symptoms that indicate you may have a “Hormonal Imbalance”, you may wonder?

There are the obvious symptoms that most women I imagine would be aware of. They include: PMS symptoms, bloating, hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, period problems and weight gain.

But there are other symptoms that you may be experiencing that you may not realize could be contributed to hormonal imbalances. Such as:

  • Your hands and feet feel cold a lot of the time
  • You are suffering from depression or anxiety
  • You have PMS or problems getting pregnant
  • Your libido is not what it used to be
  • You have sore or lumpy breasts
  • You have problems with your periods or fibroid tumours

Or a whole host of other symptoms you may not have realized as being associated with hormone imbalance…even symptoms such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

Plus, there are a whole lot of other vague symptoms that you could be suffering from and think are a normal part of life. They could be things like fatigue, feeling sluggish and lethargic in the mornings, not being able to concentrate or focus as well as previously, memory problems, dry skin or fluid retention?

Are you able to relate to any of these symptoms?

Were you aware that a lot of these symptoms could be caused by hormonal imbalances?

So, you maybe asking, how in our modern world is this happening to so many women? And, why is this happening?

There are many reasons for this. A big one is the current environment and lifestyle we are living in, as in our modern and westernized society.

We are surrounded by an environment that is causing various types of stress to our bodies on many different levels. Our bodies were never designed to handle the amount of stress bombarding us from all different directions, but here we are, surrounded by it. This has now become the modern and accepted way of life.

Unfortunately, this modern way of life is not doing our health any favours and is impacting our quality of life, along with our very lives.

So, what sort of stresses, are contributing to this significant increase in women and men having their hormones out of balance, you may ask?

Firstly, we are living in a toxic soup of chemicals that we are constantly exposed to. We shower in them, we breathe them in, and we eat them. (I’ll be providing more info on this in a future blog post)

On top of the physical and environmental stresses, we are also constantly exposed to mental and emotional stress. And environmental radiation could also be contributing.

Also, our everyday busy ways of life are causing an enormous amount of stress to our physical bodies. And our hormonal systems were never designed to cope with all of this stress that we are constantly being bombarded with. Therefore, it’s really no wonder that so many of us are suffering so unnecessarily.

So, what can you do about this you may ask?

In the next post, I’ll be covering more information on how hormonal imbalances can affect your health.

Please leave me a comment if you can relate to this or have experiences to share. I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

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