Wellbeing Coaching

How I can help you to restore your health and wellbeing!

Are you suffering with debilitating, painful periods, mood swings and other hormonal imbalance symptoms but are not sure what to do?

Are you hugging the couch month after month because you are in so much pain? Are your periods so heavy you’re afraid to leave the house?
Do you want to create a better more peaceful, harmonious and stress-free life for yourself?
Do you know that you need to make some healthier lifestyle changes but keep sabotaging yourself or find it too difficult to change?
Or, maybe you’re not even sure what lifestyle changes you need to make!
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This is where the Wellbeing Coaching program could be the solution you are looking for.

In this program, I provide a holistic approach to help you resolve all of the above issues. My unique program uses a combination of coaching and healing modalities to provide you with the best solution possible.

I begin by guiding you through a simple series of steps helping you to make the lifestyle changes that will make a huge difference towards rebalancing your hormones.

Unfortunately, for some women, making lifestyle changes can be difficult, but with guidance, support and healing, it becomes far easier so that your healing process can begin.

Through the coaching and healing program, you will also be helped to overcome patterns of self-sabotage and to remove the unconscious limiting beliefs and programs that are stopping you from making these changes easily and moving forward in your life.

While helping you make the physical and lifestyle changes necessary to restore your health and hormone balance, we will also uncover the beliefs and programs that are causing you to live with ongoing burn-out and stress. I will then take you through unique processes to remove them and will provide on-going strategies to enable you to live your life in a more empowered way in the future.

I combine a unique mix of Coaching and Energy Healing modalities so as to help you achieve your desired outcomes far more quickly, than if a single modality was used. This combination is extremely powerful because you will be healing on all levels; not just your physical body, but also in your mental and emotional bodies, and also on the spiritual and energetic level.

By using this combination of strategies to engage and heal at the conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels, your mindset, beliefs and values will become more congruent so that you experience less resistance enabling you to move forward in your life much more quickly, as all aspects of you will be moving forward in the same direction harmoniously.

Apart from removing the limiting beliefs that you have formed during this lifetime, the Energy Healing modalities that I use can also remove beliefs that were created in your past lifetimes and in your ancestors’ (genetic line) lifetimes, beliefs that are still influencing your life now stopping you from achieving the life that you dream of or desire.

While there are cross-overs between the modalities that I use, each of them also has unique benefits and provides healing in different ways – so that I’m able to help you heal from different perspectives that all layer upon each other.

By providing you with this holistic and integrated approach – not only is it more likely that you will have a successful outcome – it is also more likely that it will be a faster solution, as we can get to the root cause more quickly and focus on healing these issues more quickly.

You may have noted that I am referring to “we” when I talk about healing. This is because it’s not me doing the healing work – it is you and the Creator doing the healing – I am simply the facilitator or conduit for this change to occur as the healing work occurs inside you.

By providing you with on-going support, not only is it easier to begin the necessary changes, over the longer term this program will help you to achieve your required results quicker and integrate them for the long term.

Wellbeing Coaching

I have a simple philosophy, or principal, that I use when helping you overcome your health issues or problems in your life.

It is Neutralize, Nourish and Nurture.

Through the Wellbeing Coaching Program, you will begin living your life the way you want to live and create the amazing life that you want and deserve.


Refers to removing the causes of the disruption to your health in the first place. So, from a physical perspective – it involves removing the toxins that could be contributing to your health issues. As described above, it can also be about removing the negative beliefs and emotions that are holding you back. From an energetic level, it is removing the negative and dirty energy that is stored in your aura and chakras (energy centres).


Refers to providing the body with the appropriate nourishment it requires to move towards optimal health. This can include things like nutritional food, nutritional supplements, herbal solutions, etc. It is also about empowering you with positive beliefs and emotions to help you move forward in the direction you desire. From an energetic level, it involves energizing your aura and chakras to balance them and strengthen them for your overall health.


Refers to providing you with the ongoing support and practices enabling you to be able to make the changes to your health and well-being on an ongoing and lasting basis so that you can continue to benefit from the changes you’ve made and see long-term results from these changes – helping you towards the life of your dreams on an ongoing basis.

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