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Hi I'm Eva Torner!

I’m a Wellbeing Coach, Energy Healing Practitioner and Author.

I believe in your holistic health and wellness and I would love to help you achieve greater wellbeing in your life.

My focus is to help you overcome the physical, mental, emotional and energetic blocks that are stopping you from being the best version of yourself and, enjoying optimal health and wellbeing in all areas of your life.

I use and combine several different modalities to create coaching and healing programs to help you overcome the limiting beliefs and emotions that are holding you back from achieving your best health and overall wellbeing.

Let me tell you a bit about my story.

From a young age I became a single mother of two beautiful girls, and I had a senior corporate job in the IT (Information Technology) industry. It involved working long hours, with lots of travel, working on very large contracts and was challenging, while bringing up and caring for my children.

Not unexpectedly, this lifestyle became extremely stressful.

Although I managed to juggle these responsibilities for many years, at about 40 years of age I became increasingly burnt-out, suffering major fatigue and exhaustion. As time went on, the chronic stress I was dealing with made it increasingly difficult to cope with all of my day-to-day challenges. This, in turn, contributed to health problems, especially hormonal issues, causing heavy and painful periods and fibroids, that were very debilitating and were beginning to have a major impact on the quality of my life.

I later discovered these symptoms were part of going through Perimenopause (the 10 years of hormonal chaos before reaching Menopause). And the main cause for these hormonal imbalances was due to “Oestrogen Dominance” in which the relative amounts of oestrogen to progesterone is out of balance. (There are other hormonal imbalances, but this is a major one.  More information about this can be found on my blog and in my book.)

I knew that I needed to find a solution to these health challenges, both physically, mentally, and emotionally. I wanted to recapture the quality of life that I once enjoyed and feel healthy and normal again. I wanted to regain my energy and vitality and not feel tired and stressed out all the time and to dread my periods every month.

I so much wanted to feel healthy again, to enjoy vibrant health, energy and look forward to my life again. I also wanted to feel that I was in control of my health and my life and not be controlled by my hormonal imbalances and other health challenges.

So, I began searching for solutions, and like most people, I started by seeing medical practitioners, both general practitioners and specialists. However, over the years, the only solutions that they were able to offer me involved drugs and surgery. Not one of them even suggested that the symptoms I was experiencing could have been caused by my hormones being out of balance or that too much oestrogen could be one of the major causes of my health problems.

Eventually I had the surgery to remove the fibroids, hoping that my heavy and painful periods would be reduced and relieved. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case as they grew back again in six to twelve months, and I still had all of the other symptoms. So, obviously surgery wasn’t the answer and I needed to look for other solutions.

I was starting to get desperate! I knew that I absolutely had to find a solution to my health problems, as they were impacting my daily life, my ability to keep going with my career and to look after my children properly. Weighed down by all this, I was also suffering from anxiety and depression, and I didn’t know what to do, or who to turn to. And it all seemed so overwhelming.

I found it so frustrating and upsetting that I wasn’t able to find a solution that was easy to access and follow. Finding that the medical route wasn’t helping me, I looked for an alternative solution. In the past, I had turned to natural remedies and solutions for previous health problems that doctors weren’t able to help me with, so I decided that I would follow this path again, and began looking for solutions there.

I read a number of books by well-known holistic medical doctors who also recommend natural solutions for hormone imbalances, and by naturopaths who specialized in women’s health.

I was introduced to a naturopath who was an expert in women’s health and who began helping me. I was also introduced to a company that specialized in complementary and natural health solutions and started using many of their products. Working through all this took quite a lot of time and research.

I began to implement all the information that I had learnt and researched and followed the advice of my naturopath. I changed all my personal care products to safer alternatives that didn’t contain the toxins that my previous products contained. I changed my diet to a healthier, more natural organic diet and implemented nutritional supplements and herbal solutions, that were really making a huge difference to my overall health.

When I found that I was beginning to feel better and my health was improving, I knew that I was on the right track to improving my health and well-being.

However, while I was healing on a physical level, I was still dealing with stress and emotional challenges, such as depression and anxiety, which seem to put a ceiling on my improvement.

I realised then that I also had to heal myself on an emotional level and began looking for emotional issues that were interfering with my further healing. I had already been interested in and learning about self- development for several years, so I knew how important it was to change my limiting and negative thoughts and beliefs and to heal any destructive emotions as well. I learnt that we all have unconscious programs that are running many aspects of our lives and these can be key reasons for physical healing not producing the required results.

So, my next steps were to work on these aspects and focus on changing the beliefs and programs that were stopping me from healing fully in all aspects of my life.

During this healing journey, I visited many different types of healing practitioners, practicing many different types of modalities. I also began studying some of these modalities so I could continue improving my own health and eventually share this knowledge to help other women.

I started by learning Reiki and then later learning Pranic Healing. Both of these modalities are Energy Therapies, which fascinate me and am passionate about continuing to learn more about them. I found these modalities to be really beneficial and were helping me to heal me on many levels, including energetically, by healing my Aura, Chakras and energy body and also spiritually.

I continued to educate myself further by taking courses in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis and continued with further energy healing courses, such as more advanced Pranic Healing courses and, more recently, Theta Healing. I have been blown away by how powerful this modality is.

All of these courses led me to learning a great deal about healing the mental, emotional, spiritual and energy bodies of a person, and how all of these combine to provide a more complete solution for healing.

Basically, if physical healing is not bringing about the required healing, then it’s an “inside job”: there are beliefs and programs running in the sub-conscious mind that are preventing this healing from occurring.

Throughout my journey, I also wrote and published a book called “From Hormone Hell to Hormone Heaven” to provide other women with an easy resource guide outlining the steps that they can follow to begin balancing their hormones easily. This was the book that I wished that I at my fingertips when I started my own healing journey.

I have become passionate about sharing my research and knowledge to help other women to heal themselves of their hormonal imbalance symptoms, stress, burn-out and to transform their health and their lives to become the best version of themselves.

My book “From Hormone Hell to Hormone Heaven” is one way in which I am able to achieve this.

Along with all of the different aspects of healing described above, I am also passionate about Spiritual and Energy Healing, as they are both in alignment with each other. This is really the last missing piece that I found to create overall health and happiness.

So by combining the physical, mental and emotional healing, along with Energy Healing therapies, especially Pranic Healing and Theta Healing, I have devised a unique solution to help women heal on all of these levels, and that I’m happy to share with you.

I am a certified Master NLP Results Coach, Master Practitioner of NLP, Performance Consultant and Master Hypnosis, along with further extensive Pranic Healing, Reiki and Theta Healing qualifications.


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