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Range of Services

PSYCH-K® is an incredible modality that allows you to simply, powerfully and effectively change the limiting subconscious beliefs and programs holding you back from your full potential in life.

Energy Therapies will help cleanse, re-balance and recharge your energy body and energy systems. A combination of modalities including Kinesiology, Reiki and Theta Healing are used along with many other vibrational remedies. 

For those ready to dive-in deep for some epic soul growth and transformations. Whether it’s a big healing journey, to find radical self-love or to manifest your dreams I have a range of coaching programs for those ready to do some serious soul work.


Release lifetimes of limiting solemn vows made as nuns, monks and renunciates.  This Nun Karma past life Repatterning creates a bridge between releasing unwanted vows (especially the vow of poverty) and creating meaningful lives and professions in our present day lives.


Essential oils are very special to me and I passionately use them in all that I do! These powerful little bottles of magic all have there own vibration and frequency and when used they can alter your frequency within minutes.  I use essential oils in nearly all of my energy work sessions.


Feeling stuck and in need of some positive changes in your life? Learn some empowering, self-love and self-healing tools at one of our nurturing workshops or transformational retreats. ‘Become Your Best Self’ with the support of other like-minded women and beautiful souls.

Wellbeing and Success Coaching

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Individual Coaching
Weight Loss Course
Corporate Coaching
Weight Gain Course
Tailored Tracking
Meal Planning

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Rose Lewis

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Paul Woods

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Andrea Rios

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